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The Virtual Book Test is the PERFECT addition to your Virtual Act (and your normal act too!)

Everything ready to use!
An unique approach that you WILL use and complement with other of our book tests as well.

Imagine this: You send to a member of the virtual audience a package with a "special gift" inside.
You present a book about "Lucid Dreaming" to your audience.
One member of the audience names ANY number between 1 and 150 (NO FORCES) to select a page, and other selects from that page any word.

The "special gift" is opened. It is a "Lucid Dreaming" journal that has ONE special PRINTED prediction inside, which is exactly the word chosen previously!

The Basic set offers you the special "Lucid Dreaming" book (without pre-printed journals)
The Expanded set offers you the "Lucid Dreaming" book AND 5 journals READY TO USE

In the exclusive eBook you will learn the basic approach and other variants that you can use depending the situation.

With your order you will receive:

1. Basic or Expanded Set 
2. Exclusive eBook with different approaches and variants for all situations

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